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Dungeon Siege Box Art

Dungeon Siege  

Date: 21. August 2002
Type: Game Review
Platform: PC
Author: Peter
Rating: 85%

With at the moment about 90 entries in my review list Chris Taylor's Dungeon Siege is for sure one of the most popular games 2002. The RPG developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Microsoft can be best described as 80% Diablo, 20% Baldur's Gate, 100% 3D with a hero who lives alone with only chicken, decides to rescue the world, kills about 9999 monsters...to find friends online and finally fight monster chicken. After thinking for a moment what Freud would have said about that...and a minute of silence and sympathy for all game developers out there...let's take a closer look at this quite entertaining game.

The game concept is simple: In single player mode you usually start as farm boy or girl at one side of a map and fight your way to the other side, gaining experience on the way and adding members to your party. In multiplayer mode you can't create parties, but you can play single and multiplayer maps with up to 7 others and choose your starting point within a map. The basic game includes a single player map, worth 50 hours of gameplay and a much larger multiplayer map. Recently Gas Powered Games released a third, smaller map called Yesterhaven which is available for free and also many other maps created with the Siege Editor can be found online. If you feel the artist inside of you wanting out, you can also create your own maps, yet I can only recommend that to people with a lot of free time, despite all the comfort the Siege Editor offers.

Dungeon Siege Screenshots

The reason for the games great success is definitely great artwork combined with a game-engine able to present it right. The Dungeon Siege world is fully 3 dimensional, from plants and monsters to things like arrows and spells. The player can any time rotate the camera around a selected character and zoom in to see the detailed animated particle system while using spells or the engine features like shadows or arrows sticking in characters. Side note: Not all arrows are that large :)

Dungeon Siege Screenshots

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